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The Turnaround A Rancher's Story

The Turnaround A Rancher's Story

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A story about a fictional ranch (based on real experiences) that emphasizes the principles taught at Ranching for Profit. The engaging and true to life story walks the reader through rethinking the traditional approaches of running a ranch. The story is easy to read, and the characters are relatable, but the concepts conveyed are deep and life changing. Dave Pratt is a gifted story teller and taps into his lifetime of experiences in working with ranching families at a deep level. If you are a RFP alumni the book will help you recall and apply the principles in your life today. If you have yet to attend RFP, you will find the story an easy to digest introduction to the powerful principles taught at the school.

*This book is provided for free as part of the pre-work you receive when you register to attend a RFP School.

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